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LSN helps landmine victims get legs, get jobs, and get on with their lives.
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Other Ways You Can Help
1. Write to your member of Congress, your Senators, and the White House and ask that the United States military not use any type of landmine ever and encouraging the U.S. to sign the Mine Ban Treaty. See our sample letter here .

2. Hold awareness events: "Plant flowers, not mines" gardens, organize walk-a-thons, invite a landmine activist to speak at your school or church.

3.Help Landmine Survivors Network when you shop online! Simply use as your browser when shopping online. This site provides up to 26% of their proceeds to charities. Just remember to select Landmine Survivors Network as your recipient.

4. Raise money for the cause: Arrange benefit concerts, plays, and talent shows; coin drives; car washes; bake sales

5. Write an article or letter to the editor of your local newspaper on the impact of landmines around the world.

6. Write a letter to your congressman or senator urging them to stop reported U.S. plans to produce a new generation of landmines, the Intelligent Munitions System, or "Smart Mine," that can be detonated remotely. Operated remotely, and from a distance, these weapons will not be able to discern between military personnel, civilians, children, or farm animals.
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