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Current Employment Listings

Individual Donor Manager

Posted: Monday, January 8, 2007

TITLE: Individual Donor Manager

SUPERVISOR: Institutional Advancement Director

LOCATION: Washington, DC

DATE: December 28, 2006

Summary of the Position:

Landmine Survivors Network, an international non-profit working on behalf of survivors and other people with disabilities to promote health, eradicate poverty and foster civil society, seeks a dynamic experienced Individual Donor Officer to join its Institutional Advancement Department. The Individual Donor Officer will be responsible for executing all aspects of Landmine Survivors Network’s (LSN) major donor and direct mail program. The Individual Donor Officer will work with the Institutional Advancement Director (IAD) to achieve individual donor giving goals, including preparing funding correspondence and tracking, organizing, and evaluating donation history.


•Manage and execute all individual donor procedures in terms of donor records up-to-date, completing necessary follow-up communication, and reporting on giving levels and status of financial goals.
•Assist IAD and Executive Director in identifying, cultivating and maintaining potential major donor relationships.
•Includes strategizing and implementing new programs (monthly donors, mid $ giving program etc).
•Implement and oversee all aspects of direct mail program, working with outside consultants, list planners and production vendors.
•Maintain donor database (Raiser’s Edge), including running queries & generating reports
•Coordinate with the Institutional Advancement Director and Executive Director to set individual donor goals and cultivate donor relationships.
•Handle all correspondence from and to individual major donors. This involves working closely with Executive Director.
•Implement new tracking and organizing system for current major donors as well as prospects.
•Work with Communications Department to increase online presence of LSN among donors. May include drafting email content.
•Other related duties as needed.

Entrance Requirements:

1.Bachelor’s degree and three years related experience or equivalent combination.
2.Strong professional team player with experience in cultivating managing and expanding donor relationships.
3.Experience with non-profit direct mail programs. .
4.Ability to articulate LSN’s mission and programs persuasively and passionately.
5.Detail-oriented, self-motivated and organized.
6.Excellent verbal and written communication skills required.
7.Solid experience in data management and reporting with Raisers Edge required.
8.Experience with online communications a plus.


Created by and for survivors, LSN empowers individuals and communities affected by landmines to recover from trauma, reclaim their lives and fulfill their rights.

Attention: HR/IALH
Landmine Survivors Network
2100 M Street, NW Suite 302
Washington, DC 20037

Director of Marketing and Communications

Posted: Monday, January 8, 2007

TITLE: Director of Marketing and Communications

SUPERVISOR: Chief Operating Officer

LOCATION: LSN Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

DATE PREPARED: Aug 1, 2006


The Director of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs works closely with LSN leadership to formulate comprehensive communications strategies to advance LSN’s mission among both internal and external groups. Oversee, conduct, and execute activities to advance communications as a strategic element in the organization and to promote its mission. The Director advances LSN’s public profile by communicating the mission, programs, events and achievements to targeted constituencies through effective and measurable communications strategies. This position works closely with senior management, including the Executive Director and COO, to identify new communications opportunities and ensure new initiatives are on target; participates on the Executive Management Team; interfaces with the Board of Directors, as appropriate; and manages 2-5 staff, including the current communications manager/art director and campaign staff. Establishes close relationships with communications leaders in the NGO/development industry.


1.Provides leadership, direction, and oversight to achieve the following objectives:
-align staff around LSN’s mission and strategic direction and give staff tools to facilitate their communications with colleagues, counterparts, and beneficiaries
-achieve greater consistency in LSN branding and messaging
-use more strategic and consistent communication practices to inform LSN goals
-use communications to enhance LSN’s standing in international development
-position LSN as a recognized leader in its field
2.Develops/refines systems and policies for capturing and sharing more information about LSN successes and activities.
3.Ensures brand integration across all parts of the organization and formulates tactics to empower stakeholders with communications skills and tools to advance LSN’s mission and relevance.
4.Manages brand identity, including name, tag line and graphic identity and systems to ensure consistent application throughout the organization.
5.Develops responsive and versatile communications/marketing/representation materials and services that facilitate staff communications with colleagues, clients, and beneficiaries. Provides training and support to DC and overseas staff on these systems.
6.Develops and implements media relations strategy and applies appropriate tools and tactics to obtain national and international media coverage for LSN activities.
7.Oversees strategy and production of communications materials, including web site, online marketing, direct mail, and formal print. Works with Art Director to manage in-house and external designers, writers, and other vendors. Works with senior staff to develop strategic messaging and positioning.
8.Works with LSN’s communications team and consultants/vendors to determine and implement messages and tactics to support fundraising platforms and corporate partnerships.
9.Helps build a culture of survivor “storytelling” and resilience for staff that encourages celebrating and disseminating capturing LSN achievements and organizational understanding of survivorship.
10.Participates in IT taskforce to coordinate activities related to communication technologies.
11.Identifies and pursues fundraising opportunities for Communications and Program capacity building and professional development.
12.Works with Board of Directors as needed and recommended by Executive Director and COO, including communications training and reporting on marketing and communications progress.


1.Exceptional oral and written communications and edit skills in English.
2.Successful track record of developing and implementing strategic communications campaigns to build and project institutional image.
3.Ability to respond quickly and professionally to deadlines.
4.Serve as an effective spokesperson for the organization with media and in other fora
5.Ability to work with and communicate effectively with diverse groups and individuals.
6.Skills in managing staff and leading teams to effectively complete tasks on-time and with a high degree of quality.
7.Experience with wide range of print and electronic medial development.
8.Demonstrated communications strategy and planning ability.


Created by and for survivors, LSN empowers individuals and communities affected by landmines to recover from trauma, reclaim their lives and fulfill their rights.

Attention: HR/IA 1
Landmine Survivors Network
2100 M Street, NW Suite 302
Washington, DC 20037

Colombia Country Coordinator

Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TITLE: Colombia Country Coordinator
SUPERVISOR: Director of International Programs
LOCATION: Bogotá, Colómbia
DATE PREPARED: December 2006


Within the International Program Department and based in Bogota, Colombia, the Colombia Country Coordinator has as its primary goal of developing and managing LSN’s partnerships and program activities in Colombia to reach more men, women and children who have suffered trauma as a result of the country’s ongoing armed conflict. Since 1964 Colombia has struggled with a civil war which has left behind millions of internally displaced people, and the highest number of landmine accidents this year of any country in the world. LSN’s integrated approach to recovery, based on a peer support model, has proven to be effective in rebuilding lives torn apart by war and violence.

The Colombia Country Coordinator would be responsible for managing LSN well established partnership with CIREC (Centro Integral de Rehabilitación de Colombia) which provides integrated rehabilitation services to amputees and other persons with disabilities. The Colombia Country Coordinator will facilitate communication between Cirec and LSN – DC.

Since LSN aims to expand its reach to more survivors throughout the country, the Program Coordinator will represent LSN in Colombia to a variety of stakeholders and will explore possibilities for new partnerships, exchanges and capacity building initiatives in the sectors of health, economic opportunity, and social empowerment. Through building relationships and establishing linkages with local organizations and institutions, LSN will share its experience and expertise in trauma recovery to improve the lives of Colombians affected by war, bringing them from victimhood to survivorship, in a locally sustainable manner.

The Colombia Country Coordinator is accountable to DC for the strategic direction of the LSN project in Colombia, the financial accountability of all partnerships, resource mobilization, quality assurance and partnership management.

  • Ensure that LSN partnerships comply with laws, procedures and requirements for international non governmental organizations operating in Colombia.
  • Oversee and provide guidance and technical support to CIREC, LSN’s existing partner organization in Colombia, and monitor ongoing implementation of the Seeds of Hope project. Act as the LSN focal point for this project and partnership through regular communication with LSN DC program and financial management.
  • Represent LSN and establish relationships with relevant international, regional, national and governmental and non-governmental organizations on issues of trauma recovery, survivorship, human rights and economic opportunity.
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the situation and status of survivors within the Colombian context, including existing health and support services, local legislation, economic opportunities and psycho-social reintegration, etc.
  • Research, analyze and advise LSN management on local and national needs for training and technical assistance in health, economic opportunity and social empowerment of target population. Identify key partner organizations, service providers, survivor groups and other stakeholders.
  • Create an implementation strategy for LSN growth and capacity building of partners within the country, in coordination with LSN program management. Together with identified players, develop program initiatives including trainings, workshops/conferences to be carried out with local stakeholders to address identified needs.
  • As new partnership arrangements are established, manage and monitor relationships and contractual agreements with partner organizations, in coordination with LSN’s international management team.
  • Cultivate relationships with donors and explore potential sources of funding through networking and relationship building, in coordination with LSN’s institutional advancement staff.
  • Carry out other responsibilities as deemed appropriate by LSN’s Director of International Programs and/or the COO.
  • Submit bi weekly reports to LSN management on relationship building and program implementation progress, needs, challenges, etc.
  • Attend LSN sponsored international meetings, as needed.

  1. Minimum of a 4 year degree required in public policy, international affairs, public health, law, international business or related field. Advanced degree preferred.
  2. Demonstrated expertise in project management and technical assistance provision in multi-cultural contexts.
  3. 8 years experience at management level in international NGO or inter-governmental organization.
  4. Strong interpersonal, communication, management and organizational development skills required. Proven track record of relationship building required, fundraising experience desirable.
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Spanish required.
  6. Experience working with persons with disabilities and with community groups preferred.
  7. Willingness to travel within Colombia and internationally required.

Human Resources Manager
Landmine Survivors Network
2100 M Street, NW # 302
Washington, DC 20037


Created by and for survivors, LSN empowers individuals and communities affected by landmines to recover from trauma, reclaim their lives and fulfill their rights.

Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity

Posted: Wednesday, August 9, 2006

TITLE: Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity
SUPERVISOR: Director for Program Development and Evaluation
LOCATION: Washington, DC
DATE PREPARED: August 7, 2006


Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) is an organization created by and for survivors of landmine accidents and other causes of traumatic limb loss. In mine-affected countries around the world, LSN connects survivors with health care and rehabilitation services, economic opportunities and social empowerment and reintegration programs. LSN relies on a survivor recovery model implemented by peer Outreach Worker support who also links and refer survivors to health care providers, vocational training courses, and other services. Economic Opportunity Coordinators train Outreach Workers in basic economic opportunity approaches Outreach Workers can implement. At the same time LSN staff works at the level of organizations and systems to promote organizational and systems change so that barriers affecting survivor employment and community involvement are removed or decline fostering survivor recovery. This recovery model is currently implemented through five Networks based in Bosnia-Herzegovina, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Jordan, and Vietnam. Partnership programs with similar objectives and strategies are based in Mozambique and Colombia.

Economic opportunity constitutes one of three pillars of LSN’s holistic approach to helping survivors, families and communities affected by landmines to recover from trauma, reclaim their lives, and fulfill their rights. The other two are health and social empowerment. Gainful employment plays a crucial role in easing economic, psychological and social constraints while economic independence promotes survivor reintegration into community life. LSN’s Economic Opportunity Program works to open doors for survivors by helping them to gain access to vocational training, job placement, and business startup services.


This is a technical position that includes supervisory and management responsibilities. The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity is part of LSN’s Program Development and Evaluation Department (PDE). S/he will be responsible for design, implementation, and monitoring of cost-effective Economic Opportunity Program strategies that assist survivors to obtain (self) employment; increase access to employment opportunities; and aim to improve the quality of employment related services provided.

The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity will work closely with the Economic Opportunity Specialist and Senior Social Worker within the PDE Department as well as other relevant LSN staff to:
(1) conduct periodic cost-effectiveness reviews of the Networks’ economic opportunity programs as well as monitor local market trends to aid in strategic planning of LSN’s work in economic opportunity; (2) build and maintain strategic partnerships with governmental, non-governmental and private organizations to expand and diversify the portfolio of LSN’s current economic opportunity services, including, but not limited to connecting survivors with microfinance services, vocational training, workforce development initiatives, employment referrals and placement, and micro enterprise development; (3) build and maintain partnerships with relevant organizations to explore innovative (co)financing opportunities aimed at leveraging LSN funding; and (4) identify and monitor appropriate indicators for measuring the financial and social impact and sustainability of LSN’s opportunity services at the survivor, organizations, and systems levels.

The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity also works with the Economic Opportunity Specialist to provide ongoing expert technical and strategic guidance to economic opportunity staff in LSN’s Network offices as well as partner organizations; define and implement minimum standards for LSN’s economic opportunity services; and design and implement capacity building programs to reinforce the Economic Opportunity Coordinators’ capacity to train and guide Outreach Workers. The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity will chair the Economic Opportunity Task Force and work closely with other technical staff to ensure consistency among LSN’s programmatic sectors. S/he will supervise the Economic Opportunity Specialist and will report to the Director of Program Development and Evaluation. The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity will assist the Director of PDE to coordinate the Economic Opportunity Program communication with and reporting to the LSN Board of Director’s Program Committee. This position requires creativity, teamwork, personal initiative, a commitment to working with disadvantaged populations, and an ability to communicate about the Program at various levels of the organization.


1. Define the strategic direction for the Economic Opportunity Program for the next three to five years by consulting with stakeholders, analyzing existing data on the performance of the Economic Opportunity Program to date, and providing expert guidance to Economic Opportunity staff throughout the planning process.
2. Liaise with the Board of Directors to provide periodic updates and program performance indicators and seek guidance of and endorsement by Board members with respect to innovative paths to take in the areas of microfinance, small business development, vocational training and employment placement.
3. Establish a quality assurance panel of external peer reviewers to seek third party endorsement and validation of LSN’s Economic Opportunity Program.
4. Provide leadership in cultivating partnerships and relationships with international, domestic, and in-country (in Network countries) organizations in the Economic Opportunity field to expand the resource base, coverage, and leverage of LSN’s Economic Opportunity Program.
5. Oversee the implementation of the existing economic opportunity sector strategy at the survivor level as well as guide the development and implementation of clearly articulated and comprehensible organizational and systems level strategies for the Economic Opportunity Program.
6. Collaborate closely with DC and Network staff to analyze and creatively advance current Economic Opportunity practices, protocols and recovery tools to ensure that LSN’s Economic Opportunity services provided to survivors in the areas of small business development, (co)financing arrangements, vocational training, and job placement are objective-focused and results oriented.
7. Conduct periodic quantitative and qualitative programmatic reviews of the Networks’ Economic Opportunity activities, based on indicators developed in close collaboration with LSN’s Monitoring and Evaluation staff, and provide ongoing technical support and advice.
8. Work with the Economic Opportunity Specialist to develop a training curriculum, course syllabi, effective training materials, and to co-facilitate training events for Network staff in areas included but not limited to business planning, marketing, management and finance.
9. Chair the Economic Opportunity Task Force and participate as member of Health and Social Empowerment Task Forces to ensure consistency among LSN’s programmatic sectors and to encourage cross-fertilizations and knowledge sharing.
10. Ensure that agendas for Economic Opportunity meetings and workshops are objective focused and results oriented, and minutes of Economic Opportunity meetings are produced and circulated in a timely and succinct manner.
11. Collaborate closely and build strong teams with the Senior Social Worker, Economic Opportunity Specialist and Network-based Economic Opportunity Coordinators.


➢ Graduate degree in business administration, economics, finance or related field or commensurate professional experience in the areas of banking, microfinance, small business development, vocational training, and/or employment of low-income populations.
➢ In-depth knowledge of financial and economic/social analysis, statistics and other analytical tools for measuring cost-effectiveness and results of LSN’s economic opportunity program.
➢ Experience in strategic planning, program development, implementation and monitoring, preferably related to small enterprise development, microfinance, vocational training, job placement and other employment related services.
➢ Ability to research, compile, analyze, and accurately present statistical data.
➢ Ability to think strategically and analytically, conceptualize problems, propose clearly articulated and objective focused solutions and motivate peers to implement a vision.
➢ Ability to work confidently and connect effectively with a broad range of LSN stakeholders (Board of Directors, donors, survivors, etc.)
➢ Demonstrated experience in opening communication channels, networking and forming partnerships to achieve results.
➢ Demonstrated ability to work successfully in multicultural environments (experience in post-conflict areas, such as Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Mid-East a plus)
➢ Willingness to travel.
➢ Strong interest or background in working with international non-governmental organizations and disadvantaged populations.
➢ Self-motivated and results driven.
➢ Strong written and verbal communication skills, including experience with proposal writing and/or fund raising.
➢ Excellent interpersonal skills and sensitivity to persons with disabilities.
➢ Strong leadership, management, and team-building skills.
➢ Fluency in English, other languages a plus.
➢ Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Landmine Survivors Network
2100 M Street, NW, Suite 302
Washington, DC 20037

No phone calls, please. Only successful applicants will be contacted.


Created by and for survivors, LSN empowers individuals and communities affected by landmines to recover from trauma, reclaim their lives and fulfill their rights.

U.S. Government Affairs Manager

Posted: Monday, January 30, 2006

Director, Institutional Advancement

LSN Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Summary of Position
Landmine Survivors Network, an international non-profit working on behalf of survivors and other people with disabilities to promote health, eradicate poverty and foster civil society, seeks a dynamic experienced professional to oversee LSN’s US government relations portfolio. The Manager of U.S. Government Affairs will work closely with the Director on Institutional Advancement (IAD) to manage the U.S. Government Relations and public policy efforts for LSN to preserve and increase U.S. Government support through research, proposal and report writing and related duties. This person will also work closely with the International Government Affairs Manager to create proposals for foreign government support.

Duties, Government Relations
• Work with IAD and outside counsel to develop and implement a comprehensive mulit-year campaign to raise funds from U.S. government agencies and for LSN’s work in mine-affected countries around the world.
• Coordinate and assist outside counsel in executing U.S. government appropriations strategy related to the organization’s mission and program priorities for the purpose of sustaining and identifying new sources of U.S. Government funding.
• Continue refining and executing strategy for Congress to enact permanent authorization language.
• Advocate LSN’s positions on legislative matters and government policy (LSN appropriations, international disability funding.)
• Manage relationship with outside legislative professionals and ensure LSN objectives and deadlines are met throughout legislative cycle.
• Build and maintain good will among agency stakeholders involved in LSN federal funding.
• Coordinate and continue development of the US portion of international strategy to support adoption of the Mine Ban Treaty and Disability Rights Convention.
• Identify and develop strategic relationships with US government officials seeking to improve US global humanitarian image.
• Identify and build coalitions with relevant organizations that will recognize and endorse LSN’s accomplishments, contributions and unique niche in the global humanitarian landscape.
• Ensure that all involved external associations and organizations, government agencies, and LSN stake holders are aligned and coordinated to form a coherent and effective force.
• Coordinate US component of LSN’s international advocacy efforts.

Duties, Government Proposals
• Work closely with the International Government Affairs Manager to identify and prepare proposals for new government partners and funding opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to working with multi-disciplinary team to conduct research for new opportunities, developing and drafting proposals.
• Track outgoing and pending proposals to government donors.
• Prepare programmatic correspondence and follow up reports to government funders as necessary.
• Communicate with finance department and various program officers to gather necessary and accurate information for grant applications.

• Demonstrated background and experience with public policy at the federal level required, including an in-depth knowledge about the legislative process, specifically with the appropriations process.
• Ability to use online research for federal legislative updates and funding opportunities.
• Demonstrated success in identifying and preparing government grant proposals;
• Outstanding writing and editing skills.
• Entrepreneurial approach to grant seeking and nurturing donor relationships and skilled in spotting and developing opportunities for grantmaking.
• Experience with government donor agencies, USAID or other development agencies.
• Experience with Raiser’s Edge preferred.

LSN will consider participation in Internship programs from appropriate institutions. In the past, we have participated in internships through the American University International Studies Program, George Washington University Conflict Resolution Program, and several High School programs.

If you have an internship proposal you would like LSN to consider, please forward your request to:

Landmine Survivors Network
2100 M Street, NW, Suite 302
Washington, DC 20037

Or e-mail your request to:

Rutherford Fellowship
In November 2001, Landmine Survivors Network launched the "Rutherford Fellowship" to honor the work and dedication of LSN co-founder, Dr. Kenneth Rutherford. Ken is an assistant professor of Political Science at Southwest Missouri State University. Through his courses, which include American Citizenship and Democracy, International Relations, and International Law and Organization, the Landmine Studies Program, which he coordinates, and the World Affairs Council, which he advises, Dr. Rutherford interacts with scores of intelligent and internationally minded students eager to get more involved in the landmine issue. Several of Ken's students have participated in humanitarian demining field trips to the US Army Base at Fort Leonard Wood, where they receive hands-on training in demining techniques. Ken believes the in-class study and practical training his students receive at SMSU and LSN give each student a well-rounded perspective, contributing to their future professional and personal success. Each year, Dr. Rutherford selects one of his brightest and most hard-working students to be a fellow at Landmine Survivors Network.

Persons with disability are encouraged to apply.

To apply
Please submit CV and cover letter to:
Landmine Survivors Network
2100 M Street, NW, Suite 302
Washington, DC 20037

No phone calls, please. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

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