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Survivor Stories
Yahia Fu’ad Shiriedeh - Jordan

Yahia Fu’ad Shiriedeh was born in 1983. He was born deaf, and with many other congenital defects. Severe pain in his leg bones kept him from every walking normally. When he was three, he started the first of many surgeries to try to bring him relief. None of them were successful. Finally, doctors decided to amputate his right leg below the knee.

Yahia came to LSN in 2002, in the arms of his father, who carried his 19 year old son everywhere. One of the first questions the Outreach Workers asked was, ‘why isn’t Yahia using a wheelchair?’ The father answered, “If I used a wheelchair, I would have to carry him and the chair at the same time. It’s easier to carry my son, because so many places are not accessible for wheelchairs.” When the Outreach Worker asked Yahia what his needs were, Yahia was able to respond in sign language: “My dream is to walk. If you help me, I will draw a beautiful picture for LSN.”

The Outreach Worker took on Yahia’s case. The first thing he noticed was that Yahia’s legs were very weak. He helped Yahia get supportive devices, and referred him to both a prosthetist and a rehabilitation doctor. The plan was for Yahia to first work to strengthen his legs. Yahia worked very hard to do this. Then, he used crutches for a while. Finally, he was ready to be fitted with a prosthesis.

After a year of working with LSN, Yahia is able to walk normally. He no longer needs the supportive devices. He has enrolled in drawing courses at Yarmouk University in Irbed. His paintings are being exhibited in Jordan. He has made the LSN office a very beautiful picture.

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