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Survivor Stories
Denis Pineda - El Salvador

Six-Year Old Mine Victim Recovers with Help from LSN

Denis Pineda of El Salvador became part of an increasing number of child landmine victims when, at the age of six, he stepped on a landmine. Denis and his mother were walking from their home to the store when Denis saw his father returning from work. Excited by the prospect of seeing his father, Denis ran to greet him, and accidentally detonated an unexploded ordinance that had been in the road.

Denis was taken to a children’s hospital where, in order to save his life, doctors had to amputate his leg below the knee. He stayed in the hospital for three months.

Denis had been a lively kindergartener, always running and playing sports and games with other children. After the amputation, Denis was extremely depressed at the idea of no longer being able to play with his friends as he did before the accident. When he returned home, other children called him names, such as “pata de palo” (stick–foot), only worsening Denis’s feelings about his situation.
Through the partnership that LSN-EL Salvador had developed with the hospital that had treated Denis, he was referred to an LSN Outreach Worker, Armando Fabián Hernández, to help him cope with the loss of his leg.

Armando, also a landmine survivor, began spending time with Denis. He provided peer support to both Denis and his family during this difficult time, and helped him obtain rehabilitative care and a prosthetic leg. He showed them that a fulfilling life is possible despite the injury.
Denis transferred to another school and has made many new friends. He has become not only a role model to other children, but for his whole community. He participates in many activities at school, and plays with other children as he did before the accident.

Your support will help LSN provide assistance to more landmine victims, including the growing number of child survivors.

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