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Plamenko Priganica - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Plamenko Priganica stepped on landmine in 1992 during the war conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lost left leg bellow the knee.

From 1993-1997 Plamenko was active member of War Veteran's Association which worked on promotion of rights of war veterans including military war victims. Through the hospital visits to new amputees Mr. Priganica tried to provide them with psychological support and motivation.

1997 was a turning point for Mr. Priganica. In that year he met with LSN co-founders Mr. Jerry White and Mr. Ken Rutheford, who introduced him to the LSN approach and vision. As a Director of the first LSN Network, Mr. Priganica was a part of the LSN team which hosted Princess Diana private tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina when she met with number of landmine survivors from all around the country. In December 1997 Mr. Priganica participated at the International Conference in Ottawa (Canada) when the Mine Ban Treaty was signed by number of State Parties including Bosnia and Herzegovina. LSN BH work was first recognized in October 1997 when the Network received the prestigious MTV "Free Your Mind" award for its efforts to contest all types of prejudice and non-tolerance.

Mr. Priganica gave active contribution to Mine Victim Assistance developments on the state level. As part of BH Mine Action Center subgroup for MVA, Mr. Priganica participated in drafting a national Substrategy for mine victims assistance, which adopted by the BH Government in December 2004.

In January 2005 Mr. Priganica participated, for the third time, in the Ad Hoc Committee proceedings, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Each time, his participation level steadily increased and culminated in the successful inclusion of Mr. Priganica into the official BiH delegation for the participation in the deliberations of Ad Hoc Committee for Convention on Rights of People with Disability.

Mr. Priganica considers himself as a very lucky man because he has a happy family (Mr. Priganica is married and a father of three), but also has a most fulfilling and creative job in LSN.

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