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Survivor Stories
Rodrigues Jofinar - Mozambique

In 1990, while performing his mandatory military service, Rodrigues Jofinar set off an anti-personnel mine, immediately losing his left foot.

After the accident, Jofinar received first aid from his colleagues and later was evacuated to the Zambézia provincial hospital in Quelimane, Mozambique, where he underwent surgery to amputate his leg. Later he was transferred to the military hospital, where he met dozens of comrades with injuries similar to his.

He received government benefits in the form of a physical disability pension, but it was not enough to cover his family’s expenses. He thought about developing a small business with products brought in from his plot of land, but it was difficult to obtain the amount of products needed from his small farm.

In 2002, after receiving information from other survivors, an LSN Outreach Worker made contact with Jofinar at his home. During the interview, the Outreach Worker identified a number of issues that Jafinar needed help with, including school for his children and repairing the roof of his house.

After trying unsuccessfully to link Jofinar to existing services in the region, the Outreach Worker did some basic market and product research and compared them to the abilities of Jofinar. It was decided that starting a small business selling clothing might be a solution. Jofinar and the Outreach Worker then worked together to develop a business plan for him to sell bulk clothing in a stall near the local market.

As the development of his small business progressed, Jofinar quickly made a profit and increased his merchandise. He then bought a sewing machine to add tailoring to his services, and refurbished and expanded his stall, where he intends to sell, along with clothing, staple food products.

Jofinar was able to purchase zinc sheets to repair the roof of his house, and his family is doing well. With part of his revenue, he managed to develop a plantation of cassava, sugar cane and pineapples. He is also extremely proud that he raised enough money through his small business activities to enroll his four small children in school. Jofinar is admired by people in his community because of the change he has been able to effect in his social and economic status.

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