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Survivor Stories
Ha Van Tien - Vietnam

Ha Van Tien was walking in the early morning sun to work in his garden when he heard a loud explosion, and was subsequently thrown to the ground by the blast of the landmine exploding nearby. The blast of the was so strong that he was unconscious for three days. When Tien awoke, he was in the hospital. The landmine injury resulted in the amputation of this right hand and lower arm.

With help from the doctors and his family, Tien gradually recovered. However, on the day he was to be released from the hospital, his wife presented him with divorce papers. Even though they had been happily married for three years and had a young son together, she did not feel that she could live with a husband with a disability.

Tien was determined to have a normal life and not depend on others to care for him. He slowly began farming again by tucking the hoe underneath his arm. Slowly, Tien learned how to plow rice fields, plant a vegetable garden, and care for his remaining animals with one arm. As Tien became more and more sucessful, his confidence rose as well. Soon a neighbor, Ms. Tuan, fell in love with Tien, and they married.

With his new wife able to help with some of the responsibilities of the farm, Tien began exploring other ways of earning money. He met a friend who raised ducks and recommended that Tien try to raise them as well. Starting with 100 ducks, his flock grew rapidly, and Tien's new business grew too.

Tien was proud of his new business, but hoped to earn a better living to support his family. He was soon introduced to an LSN-Vietnam Outreach Worker, who told him about another landmine survivor that had great success in raising cattle. To help him start this new endeavor, LSN-Vietnam purchased one cow and one calf for Tien. He then sold 1000 ducks and used the profit to purchase two more cows. His new business is very successful and his is able to provide for his family. Tien has become a great role model for neighbors and other landmine survivors to emulate.

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