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LSN helps landmine victims get legs, get jobs, and get on with their lives.
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Training Programs
Landmine Survivors Network hosts training workshops on disability laws and human rights around the world.  These workshops are designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of existing international human rights and disability laws.  Attendees are empowered with the information, strategic tools, and confidence needed to assume leadership roles with respect to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and to work to protect the rights of people with disabilities in their respective countries.

Workshops focus on advocacy techniques, forming and maintaining partnerships with other organizations, and how to participate in national, regional, and global-level advocacy, including work on the U.N. Convention.  Participants are also given the opportunity to share their previous lobbying experiences with each other, and explore different tactics on how to communicate information to key decision makers and the press.

LSN Report - "Advocating for the Righs of Persons with Disabilities" Workshop Held in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Spring 2006 (PDF 884 Kb)

LSN Report - Developing Human Rights Training and Advocacy Skills in Ethiopia - Spring 2006 (PDF 740 Kb)

LSN Report - Training-of-Trainers Program in Amman, Jordan - Amman, Jordan, Fal 2005 (PDF 44 Kb)

LSN Report - LSN Bosnia Hosts Human Rights Education Workshop - Tuzla, Bosniza-Herzegovina 2005 (PDF 816 Kb)

LSN Report - Developing Human Rights Training and Advocacy Skills
- Amman, Jordan 2005 (PDF 1.9 Mb)

LSN Report - Disability Rights are Human Rights
- Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2005(PDF 28 Kb)

LSN Report - LSN Holds an Expert Dialogue and Regional Consultation to Develop Arab Position on UN Disability Rights Convention - Amman, Jordan 2003 (PDF 612 Kb)

Raising the Voices
Raising the Voices is a human rights advocacy and leadership training program for landmine survivors and other people with disabilities from landmine-affected countries. The training takes place in the context of the monitoring and implementation processes of the 1997 international Mine Ban Treaty (MBT).

Disability and Human Rights Workshop Reports
Nairobi Summit 2004 (.PDF 1.7 Mb)

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