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LSN helps landmine victims get legs, get jobs, and get on with their lives.
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SportsLSN’s Networks are infused with the healing power of sports. Athletics is an integral part of our recovery programs. Research shows that physical activity and athletic competition provide dexterity, fitness and strength while boosting self-esteem.  At gyms, tracks and pools across the world, more and more survivors are using sports as the force moving them from isolation and depression toward camaraderie, confidence and improved physical health.

LSN also lobbies for the inclusion of people with disabilities into international sports tournaments, as well as for legal guarantees for physical education for children with disabilities. LSN’s work not only helps heal the body, but in some parts of the world helps heal the spirit and the community as well by promoting post-conflict reconciliation. 

Bosnia’s annual Princess Diana Memorial Sitting Volleyball Tournament is a remarkable triumph.  Bridging divides marked by years of civil strife and war, Croats, Muslims, and Serbs—once bitter enemies—play side by side as athletes and equals. On the day that survivor Murat Asoli played in the Tournament, he realized the achievement brought more than sport to the region: “I began to feel it was a new day in my country, and felt great pride in the spirit of sportsmanship during the games. It was amazing that the man next to me, a member of my team, was someone who used to be my enemy,” he said. “I am happy to see that we come together as equals now, in pursuit of a common goal.”

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