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LSN helps landmine victims get legs, get jobs, and get on with their lives.
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Feature Stories - 2006
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California Student Group Rallies to Support LSN - December 2006
Ken Rutherford, co-founder of LSN, speaks to students at a high school in Corona del Mar, California, about his landmine accident and the still looming threat of landmines to civilians around the world.

U.N. Adopts Landmark Convention, Protecting Rights of Persons with Disabilities - December 2006

LSN Celebrates Survivorship - November 2006

Muppets Teach Children about Landmines in Afghanistan - November 2006

Revolutionary Mine Detector - September 2006

Flooding Disaster in Ethiopia Prompts Survivors to Reach Out to Others - September 2006

LSN Hosts 8th Annual Princess Diana Memorial Sitting Volleyball Tournament - September 2006

LSN Makes History! - August 2006
First Human Rights Treaty of the 21st Century Adopted in the U.N.,”International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.”
LSN Plays Leadership Role Among Governments and Disability Organizations From Around the World.

Peer Support - July 2006
Every day, LSN connects landmine survivors to other landmine survivors to help the victims recover and thrive.

Survivors Go for Gold in Ethiopia - July 2006
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Thirty LSN-Ethiopia survivor-clients and staff participated in a sports competition for people with disabilities from April 24 - 30, 2006.

Mine Ban Treaty Update - June 2006

LSN-Bosnia-Herzegovina Hosts the Fourth Annual Exhibition of Survivors’ Art - June 2006

LSN Opens New Office in El Salvador - June 2006
Additional Location Makes it Possible for LSN to Help Even More Survivors

In Loving Memory - May 2006

The Fruits and Vegetables of Their Labor - May 2006

World Health Day - April 2006

Landmines Continue to Threaten and Hurt the People of Bosnia-Herzegovina - April 2006
Landmine Survivors Network helps the injured move on with their lives.

LSN Plays Key Role in United Nations Meeting for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - April 2006

Tragedy and Triumph - March 2006

17 year old Farah Ahmedi overcame a landmine injury and war in her native Afghanistan to become an award-winning author in the United States.

Landmine Survivor Overcomes Obstacles to Win Olympic Gold - March 2006
At age 15, Ermin Jusufovic lost his right leg to a landmine. Today, the 24 year-old is a star member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina National Sitting Volleyball Team.

Mine Ban Treaty Marks 7th Anniversary - March 2006

LSN featured on Discovery Channel March 22, 8 pm, EST - March 2006

High Commissioner of Human Rights Attends U.N. Luncheon Hosted by LSN and IDC - January 2006

LSN Offices Worldwide Celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities - January 2006

Pakistani Government Proposes to Lay Landmines on the Afghan Border - January 2006
Pakistani Government Proposes to Lay Landmines on the Afghan Border
The Pakistani government has reignited debates over a proposed plan to fence and mine the 2,400-kilometer border with Afghanistan.

Genetically Modified Plant Detects Landmines - January 2006

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